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  • After filling half a freezer with various pieces of cow, I can now attest that Oreo-Cookie Cows, raised on Kentucky bluegrass, are mighty tasty.
  • When your wife comes home to a pan-seared, 2 inch thick boneless ribeye, homemade (sort of) macaroni and cheese, and a running dishwasher, yet is still run down and tired, you know that she had a bad day at work.
  • The new gun safe has arrived.  Luckily, the combination was not locked inside when it was delivered.  The instructions on how to open it with said combination, however, were.
  • Due to an increase in Covid-19 cases in the area, Boo’s private school leadership decided to do off-site instruction for the next couple of weeks.
    • I got “The Look” when I commented that there was a perfectly good public school right up the road that wasn’t letting our kid go to school just as well as the multi-thousand-dollar-a-year private school wasn’t letting our kid go to school.
    • Actually, I’m rather impressed.  Boo has video-conference classes starting at 8 every morning, has daily assignments that must be completed and uploaded to the school’s website on time, and has a rather heavy homework load.
    • I’m told that I am not allowed to fulfill the role of creepy, but wise, janitor for him, nor may I act out my vice-principal disciplinarian dreams while he matriculates in our kitchen.
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  1. Old NFO

     /  November 25, 2020

    You know the ‘rule’ 4 right, 3 left… etc. And yeah, I’m betting they are NOT offering a rebate for going virtual, are they? They likes all that ‘free’ money coming in.


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