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  • Diamonds may be forever, but rubies put fire into Irish Woman’s eyes.
  • The restaurant manager at dinner last night spent almost as much time discussing the method for cooking my steak as I did eating it, and that was not an insignificant hunk of cow.
  • Putting most of my books onto bookshelves made the new house start to feel like home.
  • Today we picked up a used table-top PacMan console.  Boo was almost as excited to see it as he would have been to see a new Xbox.
    • It goes into the corner of the basement reserved for Irish Woman’s toys.  The jukebox, other video game, pinball machine, and air hockey table welcomed it with open arms.
  • Note to self:  When the instructions for the fire pit tell you to make a circle 49 inches across, they mean 49 inches across.  Not 48, not 50.  49.
    • Addendum – Having to unstack 36 concrete pavers so that you could adjust to an even 12 pavers per layer, instead of the 13 you put into the first two layers, is considered suboptimal performance and a failure of the in-process quality control system.
  • Scraps of kiln-dried cedar paneling are almost explosively flammable. Old pallet wood that’s been sitting on an outdoor shelf at BIGBOXHARDWARE for a couple of weeks, not so much.
  • Apparently, a field mouse and her family hitched a ride in the bed of my truck in the pallet of pavers from BIGBOXHARDWARE.  I informed Miss Mousie that she had to vacate the premises by the time I was done building the fire pit.  If she did not do so, I would be forced to introduce her to Crash, the Psychotic, and his fascination with ‘playing’ with things small and fuzzy.
  • Sitting next to the fire, enjoying the warmth and a few moments of sanity, was worth the rather rushed scramble to get the fire out and and everything put away when the cold front, with its gusts of wind and abrupt rainstorm, washed over us.
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  1. There is something about a fire that just soothes. A small, controlled burn, to be very specific!


  2. Old NFO

     /  November 15, 2020

    Sounds like things are coming together! Congrats!!!


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