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  • Well, after several years of talking about it, numerous negotiations on what we both want and are willing to compromise on, both of us choosing hills we’re willing to die on, intense discussions about moving to North Dakota and taking up some honest living or another, stalking areas we wanted to live in, a couple of false starts, then a sprint to get to a house that we both liked before it was gobbled up, Irish Woman and I have started the process of purchasing a new home.
  • We looked at two houses yesterday.  Both were very nice.
    • Both properties were on the market for a little more than 24 hours when we took a tour.
    • One was a bungalow built in 1916.  It had been added onto, and had a lot of character and other things that made me like it.  It was on the edge of the country, with one of my favorite watering holes just down the street.
    • It also had plumbing and wiring very similar to our current house, which gave me pause.  One of my goals was to not get another fixer-upper.
    • By the time we got done looking at the bungalow, someone else had put in an offer, so deciding to not bid on it got easier.
    • The other house was a relatively new (well, newer than the house we have now) ranch on a nice lot in a neighborhood that we’ve been keeping an eye on.
    • We looked at the second house, then talked on its porch for a few minutes before asking our realtor to make an offer.
    • The market around here is so hot that a lot of properties don’t even make it to the realty sites before they’re sold.
  • With that, we began the paperwork part of this process.  As much work as this is to do electronically, I cannot imagine how it was done in the days of carbon paper.
  • Today, I have provided the following things to our bank:
    • VA certificate
    • Statements from our checking, savings, and investment accounts
    • A copy of our contract to buy the house
    • A picture of the check I wrote for the deposit
    • Our latest statement on our current mortgage
    • A genealogy going back five generations on both sides
    • Our latest horoscopes
    • Proof that we are, indeed, human.
    • Pawprint impressions from both dogs and one of the cats
    • An offer of our son’s hand in marriage to the last scion of some obscure Italian nobility. I’m told she’s quite lovely.
  • Finding someone to do the home and septic inspections was an adventure all by itself.  Apparently I’m just one of a million yokels who are buying homes these days.  I found one, count them, one inspector who could get the job done in the ten days we have per the contract.
  • Our plan is to move out of our current place, then fix, paint, clean, and polish everything so that we can put it on the market.  We’ve already gotten the plumbing fixed, and more is to come.
  • Hopefully, by the time the Kentucky Derby rolls around on Labor Day, we’ll be settled into our new house one county over and will only have one mortgage.


  1. Congratulations on finding a house that you both like and want!

    Things are really interesting down here – it’s not just the hot property market, it’s also all the inspections from folks who are getting refis and pushing the home loans out to 30 years to deal with the massive cash flow crunch of Lung Pao Sicken.

    Here’s to a relatively easy move, and quickly unloading the old house… then finding which “in a box, somewhere” that thing you wanted resides!

  2. classlass

     /  June 12, 2020

    Congrats, but as someone who retired from the mortgage business the most important thing when selling your home after the fix-up and painting spend the money for someone to “stage” your home. Homes sell faster than an empty house. But then again if your market is that hot you may not need it. I’m on the other end of Ky and we are stagnant to decreasing prices. Always go for the 30 years and get an amortization table. Easy pay off in 15 years but don’t ever pay any extra’s except principal.

  3. Roy

     /  June 12, 2020

    So, Shelby or Spencer county?

  4. John D

     /  June 14, 2020

    May it become everything you want.

  5. OldNFO

     /  June 14, 2020

    Best wishes, and hope to hell you don’t kill anybody in the process (Although I ‘know’ you will be tempted at least once or twice)!!!

  6. Travis The Water Man

     /  June 15, 2020

    Welcome to the OC. Just a bit of advice. If your commute includes I-71, find a secondary route for the mornings when the idiots decide to turn it into a parking lot. Its amazing how hard it is for some people to operate 2 lanes of traffic going the same direction.

    • Oh, I avoid I-71 like the plague. I’ll drive 42 to Cinci before I subject myself to that.

      • Roy

         /  June 16, 2020

        I was going to mention I-71 as well but Travis beat me to it. On I-71, it seems that at the best of times you can only go as fast as the second slowest truck, because he is always passing the slowest one and clogging up the entire expressway. At the worst of times, it’s a parking lot because there is always someone on there that doesn’t know how to keep the shiny side up. The good news is that they are just starting the I-71 widening project. The bad news is that they are just starting the I-71 widening project.

        However, even with all of that, Oldham county is a very nice area. Pricey, but nice. I live in Bullitt, which is also nice but much more “redneck” and therefore more affordable for me. (Besides, I am one myself so I fit right in.)

      • I liked some properties in Bullitt, but the schools in Oldham are too good to pass up.

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