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  • Going back to work after a little over a week off was just as much fun as it sounds.
  • For some reason, I got a hankering to watch a police procedural.  I ended up purchasing the first two seasons of Law and Order.
    • I’m 10 episodes into the first season.  There are 22 episodes in the first season alone.  It’s hard to remember when a TV series had more than 10 or 12 episodes to a season.
    • I’d forgotten just what a shit-hole pre-Giuliani New York was.  Looking back, it was almost as bad as large cities in California are now.
    • I’d also forgotten about the clothes and hair from that time.  Some of it made me cringe, some of it made me wish it hadn’t gone away.
    • The acting is as good as I remember it.  I’m especially liking Michael Moriarty’s role as Benjamin Stone.  To be honest, I don’t plan to continue to watch the series much after that character leaves.
    • It’s interesting that many of the issues discussed in this 30 year old television program are still with us.
      • Drugs – The focus is on cocaine and the crack epidemic.  Now, we’re worried about meth and heroin.
      • Guns – This comes up several times in the first few episodes.  There’s a serious bias against civilian ownership and use of firearms, especially handguns, in the plots of these episodes.  After 30 years of progress in gun rights ebbing and flowing, I wonder how these same sequences would be written.
      • Race Relations – Honestly, the friction I see between white and black characters from 30 years ago could be lifted, updated with new fashions, and reshot almost word for word.
    • One subject that appears several times is AIDS.  It’s easy to forget that HIV and AIDS were a death sentence back then.
  • The search for a new house is starting to ramp up.  Irish Woman and I have discussed our must-haves, wants, and can’t-haves.
    • Since putting Boo through private high school in a few years will cost more than it would to send him to college, we’ve decided to move somewhere the public schools are better than the holding pens Louisville calls their schools.
    • So far, our biggest points of disagreement are subdivisions (me no likee), the amount of land we want (I want more), and the existence of a pool on any new property (me also no likee).
    • She wants a nice house in a nice neighborhood with lots of nice kids so that Boo can make nice friends and have someone nice to play nice with.
    • I want a few acres of mixed woods and open fields, with a creek running through it, and clear fields of fire out to the main road.
    • I keep pulling up listings for North Dakota, Arizona, and Texas, but She Who Shall Not Be Named is not interested.


  1. Beans

     /  January 5, 2020

    There’s an ex-Nike missile base up on the Maine-Canada border for sale. Lots of land, well built buildings, underground missile bunker, just ripe for homeschooling…

    There’s also an ex-Sprint ABM base on the North Dakota border, both hardened above ground structures and below ground (actually bermed facility), again just ripe for homeschooling.

    You have considered homeschooling, right?


  2. We bought in a neighborhood – not a subdivision – with kids across the street and down the road a few houses. Their kids weren’t interested in playing with our kids. The next door neighbor decided to run his roofing business out of his big pole barn (on a half acre lot, mind you), and put in a gravel parking lot. I worry about being able to sell this house in a few years…

    Anyway. Get the land and privacy. You can always invite the friends over for camping and hanging out and they can run wild in the woods. I am still the only mother in my son’s friend group willing to host all the boys. Not just for sleepovers, for anything. I like having a herd of boys to bake cookies for! But the other moms act like its some awesome act of heroism.


  3. OldNFO

     /  January 5, 2020

    Y’all know you’re more than welcome out here. Just sayin…


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