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  • Many thanks to everyone who’s purchased or read A Woman Scorned.  If you enjoyed it, please leave an honest review on Amazon.
  • Well, the annual season of insanity is in its home stretch.  So far, I’ve only been an unhinged maniac on one or two occasions, but Irish Woman has helped me cope with much love and lavish application of The Look.
  • Yet again, my protestations that I neither needed nor wanted anything for Christmas were ignored.
    • Mistress has given DaddyBear clothes.  DaddyBear is a free elf!
    • I have extracted promises that there will be no presents for my birthday.  I am hoping that they will be kept.
  • Boo got his first shotgun for Christmas.  We took a trip out to Knob Creek to test it out.  I am proud to say that he knocked clays down on 2 out of 5 tries.
  • I also got out the single-shot .22 rifle and worked on the basics with him.  I’m also proud to say that my 11 year old, who has his father’s stubbornness and his mother’s… ahem… sarcastic attitude was attentive, obedient, and safe on his first trip to the range.
    • His marksmanship wasn’t bad, either.
  • I don’t know how it is on things like driving ranges, but the range safety officer, as well as the two gentlemen shooting on either side of us, were absolutely tickled at the presence of a first time shooter.
  • The gentleman on my right was sighting in a Thompson Center Long Range Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor.   I looked at some pictures of his targets.  That’s definitely a rifle that will wear out the ten ring at 300 yards.
  • The other gentleman was shooting a 1911 in .22 TCM.  The fireball was impressive enough to make Sergei Mosin look down from heaven and nod approvingly.
  • After several days of eating food that is doing its best to kill me, I tried very hard to be good today.  Even started off the day with a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of black coffee.
    • Then I saw that there were still a few Christmas cookies in the kitchen.  I mean, I already had a cup of coffee to dunk them in, so what was I supposed to do?
    • I backslid even further when Boo asked if we could get tamales for lunch.  I couldn’t say no.  It’s Christmas, after all.  And if you’re going to go to the Mexican restaurant, you don’t want that basket of nice, hot tortilla chips to go to waste, do you?
    • I’ll do better tomorrow.  That is, of course, unless Irish Woman cooks.  In that case, all bets are off.


  1. OldNFO

     /  December 28, 2019

    LOL, glad to hear it! And calories don’t count during the holidays…


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