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Book Review – Possum Creek Massacre

Cedar Sanderson’s second book in the Witchward series, Possum Creek Massacre, is an engrossing, fast read that’s perfect for a long night in front of the fire.

Renowned for her witch hunting skills, Detective Amaya Lombard knew that being summoned from the coastal rainforest of Oregon to the backwoods hollers of Kentucky meant the case was something special. From the moment she arrived at the magic soaked scene in an abandoned farmhouse she knew how bad it was going to be. She had no idea just how complicated it was going to get, professionally and personally. Now she must catch a killer before they catch her. The roots of evil plunge deeply into the past, and the blood soaked history of Kentucky’s witch warded houses and barns may hold the key to keeping her alive in the present.

Sanderson expands and brings the character of Amaya Lombard to life in Possum Creek Massacre.  Even though we got to know her in the first book in the series, she becomes three-dimensional as she tries to solve a series of murders in the Kentucky hills.

The author teases this yarn out a bit at a time.  The world she shows us, from the mountains and the folk who live in them, to the country hospitality Amaya is shown, is painted in vivid detail without dragging into overly-done description.

This is not a page turner, although there are a few sections where I found myself rushing to find out what happens next.  Rather, it is a study of a woman thrown into a strange place to solve an even stranger mystery.  This character-driven story pulls you in and holds you close as you explore it.

Possum Creek Massacre is definitely recommended for readers who enjoy richly-drawn stories with endearing characters.

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