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New BoogeyMan Story

The latest BoogeyMan story, A Woman Scorned, is up for pre-order on Amazon.

Never cheat on a succubus.

Martin Shelby’s latest client is a woman out to hurt her husband where it matters most to him – his pride. She’s teamed with the best lawyer in town, and The Boogeyman is out to find the evidence to turn her shark loose in divorce court.

But indulging a taste for younger women isn’t the only shady thing her husband’s been up to, and the blood in the water is all too real as the body count starts mounting…

You can find the idea that grew into this one here.

Many thanks to the alpha and beta readers, as well as Cedar Sanderson.  She saw my feeble attempt at cover art and sent me a “Bless your heart” message. Half an hour later, she’d turned what looked like pictures cut out of the Montgomery Ward catalog and pasted to felt into exactly what the story needed.

It’s on pre-order until Monday.  Hope you all enjoy it.  And remember, the best Christmas present you can give me is an honest review.

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  1. It’s a good little story! Really enjoyed reading it!


  2. naleta

     /  December 16, 2019

    I got it, and realized that I had missed picking up the first two books in the series. I started reading book 1 and noticed a homonym mixup. You used principle to refer to the client instead of principal.
    I’m liking the story itself, so far. Gotta get back and find out what grabbed those teenagers. 😉


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