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  • I got a very nice letter from the new Mercedes dealership today urging me to bring my truck in for a trade-in.
    • Apparently they’re desperate for 7 year old plain-jane F150’s at the high-end Euromobile store.
    • Unfortunately, Mercedes doesn’t make a long-bed truck.
    • I did, however, see a crew cab, 8 foot bed, F250 today and I got very covetous.
  • Question – How many pleats can a kilt have before the balding hipster has to admit that he’s cross-dressing?
    • There has to be line separating “rugged individualist” from “flouncy”
  • When the orthopedic nurse winces at your xray, maybe you’ve let your joints go too far.
  • I’m going to be having surgery soon to fuse a knuckle in my trigger finger.  This will mean I either have to learn to shoot left handed or use my middle finger.  Since I shoot mainly to relieve stress, the middle finger isn’t a bad option.


  1. Beans

     /  July 26, 2019

    You’re not cross-dressing as long as you’re wearing a sporran and your shirt doesn’t come from the lady’s section and you are actually wearing a kilt-kilt, not a skirt you’re calling a kilt that you stole from some anime cosplayer.

    A. Gotta be a real kilt.
    B. Gotta have a sporran if it is exceedingly pleated.
    C. Gotta have a manly shirt to go with the manly skirt.

    Them’s the rules.

    Oh, yeah. White socks after Easter but before Labor Day…

    And you can go un-commando in mosquito country, if you’re delicate.


  2. Are you sure Mercedes doesn’t make a truck to suit your needs? Of course they may not sell them in the US….


  3. jon spencer

     /  July 26, 2019

    Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6.
    The starting price is around $250,000.
    Just a little more than the F-250.


  4. OldNFO

     /  July 27, 2019

    Snerk… The image of you ‘flouncing’ is… NO, JUST NO!!! 🙂


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