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Audiobook Review – Galaxy’s Edge Part III

The third audiobook in the Galaxy’s Edge series is out, and I enjoyed listening to the story as much as I did reading the books.

Daring heroics, sacrifice, and courage come together as the Legion attempts to contain the fire sparked at the Battle of Tarrago. But the galaxy is spiraling into all-out war.

Captain Chhun’s Dark Ops squad is reunited with Wraith. When their mission to deny Goth Sulluss the shipyards he so eagerly desires goes awry, Chhun and Wraith must find a way to stop the Black Fleet’s advance – even if it costs them their lives.

Meanwhile, an old friend from Nether Ops executes a covert operation that will turn the focus of the Last War of the Republic in a terrible new direction.

Following Goth Sullus’s ruthless onslaughts against the Republic, a desperate House of Reason searches for scapegoats – and finds one, deserving or not, in Commander Ellek Owens. His sentence is cruel, unjust – and final. Unless Victory Squad has anything to say about it.

In the Umnar system, the soulless menace known as the Cybar seeks to break Prisma Maydoon – and to set the stage for the total annihilation of not only the Republic, but all life in the galaxy.

Cole and Anspach, coupled with narrator R.C. Bray, do an excellent job of moving us through the middle of the Galaxy’s Edge saga while still keeping our attention.   This story has it all:  action, aliens, ancient evil, action, new evil, and action.

Bray does an excellent job of pacing his narration and painting the story in the listener’s mind.  He’s helped by excellent source material, which grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

Even if you’ve read the books that make up this story, I think you’ll enjoy Galaxy’s Edge Part III.  If you haven’t, or if you haven’t listened to parts I and II, you probably need to go back and give them a listen or read first.  This is definitely the middle of the series’ story arc.

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