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Review – Requiem for Medusa

Jason Anspach and Nick Cole have come out with a new novel based on the Tyrus Rechs character from their best-selling Galaxy’s Edge series:  Requiem for Medusa.

The scum hiding deep inside the Reach out along galaxy’s edge thought they could kill her and not pay the price. For years these hardened killers have run roughshod over the lawless worlds where Republic justice is never as fast as the blaster in your hand and where double-crosses and death are a part of every deal. They thought this time would be no different.

They were wrong.

This time, the Guild sent the legendary bounty hunter Tyrus Rechs.

As the infamous Rechs pursues the men who murdered his colleague, he’s hell-bent on justice, heedless of the trail of destruction he leaves across ruined worlds and fantastic gambling meccas alike. Because for Rechs, this isn’t just another Guild contract… it’s personal.

Requiem for Medusa begins a new series in the Galaxy’s Edge universe, which is titled “Tyrus Rechs:  Contracts and Terminations”.  Anspach and Cole use the story to flesh out the bounty-hunter that we first met in Book 2 of Galaxy’s Edge, and as I’ve come to expect from the authors, it’s a fun, fast read from cover to cover.

The plot revolves around Rechs’ quest to find, fix, and eliminate the folks who betrayed and murdered someone close to him.  The writing moves quickly through a world that we’ve come to know, so there isn’t much need to stop the action to build it.  The story does, however, slow down to explore Rechs as a man.  Anspach and Cole deftly switch between careful character development and faster-than-a-speeding-bullet action.

This blend of MilSF and Space Opera grabs you and pulls you over the edge with it.  We get to know Rechs, and several details from earlier novels are fleshed out as the story progresses. This is, of course, mixed in with a generous dollop of gunfire and explosions.

I’d suggest reading at least the first few Galaxy’s Edge books before trying this one out, because certain plot details definitely make more sense if you know the rest of the story.  That being said, Requiem for Medusa will take you out to the edge and keep hold of you until you get to the last sentence.


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