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  • Sometimes, there isn’t a trick to doing something.  Sometimes, you just have to pay attention to what you’re doing and execute.
    • Following directions never hurts, either.
    • Neither does a bit of practice.
  • Nothing  brings a couple of neighbors together like seeing a third neighbor doing trauma care on a labrador retriever on his porch at nine o’clock on a Friday night.
  • Our blueberries are coming on strong this year.  Irish Woman has done everything except sit in a blind with a shotgun to keep the birds off of them.
    • She did not seem surprised to find out that Crash the Psychotic Feline was less than helpful when harvesting blueberries.
  • Having a few hours of mandatory training that needed to get done soon gave me something to do between conference calls.
    • I tell ya, there’s never a dull moment around here.
  • Either the whitetails are doing really well this year, or I almost hit a tan wildebeest on the way home from work on Saturday evening.
  • Is it a sign of old age when you find an old scar and can’t remember where you got it?


  1. OldNFO

     /  June 13, 2018

    Sounds like busy times at the old homestead… And good neighbors ARE priceless!


  2. My cousin-in-law Sam liked radio controlled airplanes. His favorite company BECAME his favorite company because they packed their instructions on the bottom of the box, and began them with the words “Now that you’ve tried it your way….”

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  3. John in Philly

     /  June 14, 2018

    My Dad often said, “When all else fails, read the directions.”
    How is the lab?


    • He’s doing well. The vet must have used peroxide to clean out the wounds on his lip, because half of his black fur there is white now. Makes him look distinguished, in a sort of lopsided way.


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