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  • We were about ten minutes out from the vet’s office when the doggie downers hit Moonshine.  He slowly turned his head away from the view of the countryside whipping by and looked at me as if to say, “We can’t stop here.  This is cat country.”
    • He’s fine.  He just slept for about 8 hours after we got home.
  • Strategic thinking – Waiting until you’ve taken both dogs to the vet before doing the summer vacuum and scrub of the truck.
  • There’s just something so romantic about walking up behind your wife and wrapping your arms around her, then bringing your lips close to her ear and softly whispering, “I bought you a new weedwhacker.”
  • I’m not saying that we put out a lot of stuff out on the curb this week, but I’m pretty sure the garbage man put an ancient and powerful curse on the next few generations of our family.
  • New house rule – If a book exists for a given movie, Boo must read said book before he is allowed to watch it.


  1. Girlie Bear

     /  June 3, 2018

    That rule was never needed for me.

  2. John in Philly

     /  June 3, 2018

    That is one heck of a weedwhacker.
    And if you replaced the plastic strings with string made from stainless steel aircraft control cables you wouldn’t have to change the string as often.
    And you could deal with the odd telephone pole, or granite boulder that has sprung up where it wasn’t wanted.
    What could possibly go wrong!

    Book rule.
    A rule that requires one to read a book? Inconceivable! Taking away one’s library card was a punishment.
    (hat tip to Girlie Bear)
    Retirement has freed up time for reading, but the offset is that this internet thing has allowed me to discover even more great authors, thus even more books to read. (talking about you, DB)

    • I use it to do light brush and tall grass stuff. It definitely gets the job done.

      All of my kids are readers. Boo is just at that age where he’s tipping out of little kid stuff in to young adult, but most of the movies he likes (Harry Potter especially) are young adult.

  3. John in Philly

     /  June 5, 2018

    Which of the Heinlein YA novels would you start with?
    What did/does Girlie Bear think of Heinlein?
    That’s unless Boo has begun reading Heinlein already.
    It’s been a very long time, and sadly I don’t remember which was my first Heinlein novel.
    I do remember that Starship Troopers was the first hardcover novel that I specifically asked for as a gift, and I still have that book.
    So many choices.

    • John in Philly

       /  June 5, 2018

      Add the word “Boo” between “start” and “with” in the first sentence.
      Must proofread better.

    • I started with Starship Troopers when I was 12. I have an old copy of “The Past Through Tomorrow” which is mostly OK for a 10 year old. I need to see if he’ll read it.

      Unfortunately, Girlie Bear never got into Heinlein. It’ll come eventually.

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