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  • Every time we use it, the pressure washer becomes more and more of a good investment.
    • Of course, since it was Irish Woman using it this afternoon, it seemed like an excellent investment to me.
  • Irish Woman has exquisite timing.  She finished planting the last plant in the garden just as the first peal of thunder broke the afternoon quiet and the first drops of rain splatted down upon her head.
  • In related news, there’s nothing like trying to grill hamburgers during a thunderstorm.
    • If you came to my cookout during the Louisville NRAAM a couple of years ago, it was a lot like that.
  • What does it say about me that I was happier about a new pair of high-top Chuck Taylor Converse tennis shoes than a new iPad today?


  1. MaddMedic

     /  May 28, 2018

    Converse or iPad?? Hmm…I’d go Converse also..But I’m just an old fashioned Northern Minnesota boy..Heavy on the old..Now if the iPad were a good heating pad…..


  2. John in Philly

     /  May 29, 2018

    My wife is the pressure washer wand wielder and a wonderful woman. (I think I crammed enough Ws in there)
    She is also of slight build, and I wonder if we could make a poor man’s jet pack with just a few more pressure washers.


  3. OldNFO

     /  May 30, 2018

    And I’m sure the food was just as good!!! The question is, how deeply mired is the BBQ this time??? 😀


    • Oh, only an inch or two. The time you were at the house, I had to break out the shovel to dig it out!


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