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  • The defining feature of an excellent vacuum cleaner is not in how powerful it is, nor is it in its variety of attachments and capabilities.  No, dear reader, the truly defining feature of an excellent vacuum cleaner is the ease of dismantling it so that a clog the size of a small raccoon can be cleared.
  • The little area that includes the place where New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut come together is quite pretty. I got an excellent chance to appreciate its beauty when we took a wrong turn on our way to the airport and didn’t realize it for thirty miles.
    • Since my previous experience with New Jersey was Newark and Monmouth, I was pleasantly surprised to spend a week surrounded by woods and pleasant people.
  • One good part of flying from a small airport is the speed at which you can get through it.  It only took about fifteen minutes to turn in the rental car, check my bag, get through security, and have a seat at my gate.
  • Chicago O’Hare, on the other hand, is a sprawling mess that really just needs to declare its independence and hold elections so that the poor souls trapped there for eternity can at least get a bit of representative government.
  • After finishing a long, rather tense couple of days worth of work, I decided to reward myself with a recorded German soccer match on TV, a cold Shiner, and a Dove chocolate bar.
    • I may be a bit of a redneck, but I’m a cultured redneck.
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