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  • Derby is having to be reminded that the new couch is not a dog bed.
    • In related news, the amount of heartbroken moping and sad eyes in this house has reached dangerous levels.
  • We purchased our airline tickets for the family trip to North Dakota this past week.
    • I’ll come home from cub scout camp, get a shower, run a load of laundry, then get into the car and go to the airport.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to sleep on the flight.
    • Minneapolis seems to have drawn a twenty-five mile circle around the airport and proclaimed that all hotels within it will charge double what those not within it charge.
  • Apparently, in order to get a semi-collapsed pipe in our yard replaced, we need to cut down a fruit tree, disassemble a flower bed, have the septic tank emptied, introduce a biological warfare agent into our septic system, sacrifice a goat at the height of the new moon, and promise to marry our youngest son to the daughter of the man in charge of the plumbing company.
  • Irish Woman has been looking at new houses, and it would appear that we can either move an hour outside of town or double our mortgage payment.
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  1. OldNFO

     /  March 28, 2018

    Good luck with the road trip, and yeah, ‘choices’ are not good for moving…


  2. mrgarabaldi

     /  March 29, 2018

    Hey DB;

    I have one of those that thinks that the furniture is “his bed”…Y;all still gonna stay in Kentucky? or move over the state line?


    • We will probably stay over on this side. I’d like to move six or more states away, but She Who Cannot Be Denied will not hear of it.


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