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  • Cleaning the basement was easier the last time I did it.  Of course, I had a big dumpster the last time.
  • Kicking up all that dust in the basement seems to have set my sinuses on fire, causing me to rumble when I speak, cough when I breathe, and growl when approached by other human beings.
  • Boo’s new bed has a large section of built-in bookshelves.  He was thrilled to see them, and has spent the past week filling them.
    • That, of course, opens up some space on my bookshelves, which means that I can bring a few things out of storage.
  • Boo has started taking voice lessons in conjunction with his piano lessons.  Sweet Cthulhu, where is thy sting?
  • You’d think that writing a historical fiction where someone wrote the basic outline for you centuries ago would be easy to flesh out into a novel, wouldn’t you?
    • One thing that history teaches us is that as bad as things are these days, our ancestors were right bastards.
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