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Book Review – Detritus

Holly Chism has published a new tale of redemption, perseverance, and family, Detritus.

Nick Bryant was a junkie. Lived on the streets, and everything. And then, he saved a baby girl from drowning, and fell into the role of protector. As he, the baby, and her older brother get to know one another, he decides that maybe, there’s more left to him than the drugs, and decides to try to live again. And maybe build a family.

Chism’s main character, Nick, is on the ragged edge of a slide into oblivion, but then he commits a selfless act that changes his life and those of the people around him.  The smile of a little girl and the trust of her older brother bring him back from the brink and help all of them heal and grow to be a family.  Joined by an adopted grandmother, Nick takes the children in search of a better life.  Along the way, they are helped by good people who shine a little light into their dark world.  In the end, Nick learns that love and forgiveness, of yourself and of everyone else, is the greatest gift of all.

Chism shows the power of her storytelling in Detritus, and I’m not ashamed to say that it moved me to tears on at least one occasion.  She develops her characters quickly, but in a way that you don’t notice until they step off the page in front of you.  Her story moves fast, and you will find yourself unable to put this one down. It’s not an action story, but it definitely grabs hold of you and makes you want to know what happens on the next page.

I recommend Detritus for anyone who needs a story of growth and redemption, or who enjoys tales of folks making their way back from the shadows.

1 Comment

  1. OldNFO

     /  March 7, 2018

    Yes, she does write with power!


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