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  • Between raw water, colorful detergent packets, and modern country music, I really fear for the future of our nation.
  • When you’re researching three different things for writing projects at the same time, it makes for some really interesting dreams.
  • One of those dreams woke me up at 5 AM this morning, so I thought I’d take care of the animals so that they wouldn’t wake everyone else up.  I took the dogs out, fed them and the cats, then quietly went back to bed.
    • Irish Woman let me sleep in until 8:30.  When I went into the kitchen to wish her good morning, I saw Moonshine finishing his second breakfast.
    • Apparently the poor little pup had given her the “I’m starving” eyes.
    • I swear, that dog winked at me as he left the kitchen.
  • Maybe waiting half an hour to go out and see what Irish Woman was doing after I heard her pick up the snow shovel on the porch wasn’t very smart.
    • Of course, neither was saying “Wow, sweetheart, I didn’t know you knew how to shovel snow!”
    • She may or may not have considered seeing how well a snow shovel wrapped around my cranium.
  • The eternal question – Do I take the truck to the carwash or just wait for the weather to warm up so it rains like cats and dogs?
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