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Helping Out

A member of the extended tribe could use a bit of help, and anything you can give would be appreciated.

My sister in law, Andrea (everyone calls her Andi) suffered a stroke in mid August. Unfortunately, it wasn’t diagnosed correctly for two weeks, delaying treatment.

We’re currently waiting for results from a battery of autoimmune tests that were run once the stroke was correctly diagnosed, and still don’t know what the cause was. Those tests are extremely expensive, and we’re unsure what the ultimate cost will be right now. What do know is that she’s lost strength and mobility in her left arm and leg. She’s facing a year to 18 months of physical therapy to get back to full function. 

Andi is an artistic soul. She creates beautiful metal artwork for their business, and she plays the guitar in her free time with her mother to relax. She says that’s the hardest thing about this whole situation- she can’t chord, and hasn’t been able to play the guitar since it happened.

We’re estimating the costs of her physical therapy right now, and waiting for results on the tests, and to see if more tests are necessary.

Andi has not been able to afford health insurance, because she and my brother own a business. Unfortunately the business makes too much money for them to get assistance with health insurance, but not enough for them to be able to afford health insurance and raising two boys.

Any help will be much appreciated, as Andi needs to begin physical therapy as soon as possible in order to have the best outcome, and without health insurance she has to pay the full cost of every session.

Andi is a member of the Farm Family, who host Blogorado every year, and have been very generous with their time to me and many others.  In order to sweeten the pot a bit, OldNFO and several other friends have put together a raffle for some pretty awesome prizes.

Here are the ‘rules’ $10 per chance, $50/6 chances, $100/12 chances, etc. Make your donation to the Go Fund Me above, and copy your donation receipt to 4anditherapy@gmail.com. This will count as your entry into the raffle. If you have already donated, we will accept prior donations to the Go Fund Me.

I am adding signed copies of “Tales of the Minivandians” and “Coming Home” to the non-gun packages.

If you can help Andi and her family out, please do.  It would be greatly appreciated.

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