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  • Famous Last Words
    • I don’t need to wear rubber gloves when I cut up these jalapenos.
    • Washing my hands will get all the capsaicin off my hands.
    • That’s just nice, clean steam coming out of that boiling pot of tomatoes and peppers.
    • My eyes and sinuses will stop burning in a little while.
  • Irish Woman and Boo are off on an adventure.  Apparently they had to do their O.J. Simpson impression running across an airport to make their connection today.
  • Schedule for me while they are away:
    • Tonight – Jalapeno-Tomato jelly.
    • Friday – Researching walking routes through the Pamir Mountains and the governmental structure of the Parthian and Bactrian Empires. Laundry.
    • Saturday – Chili base and housework.
    • Sunday – Yard Work, cook dinner, and pick up the family.
  • I spent about half my day trying to prove a negative.  I think I may have made a career out of doing that.
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  1. “I don’t need to wear rubber gloves when I cut up these jalapeños.”

    I don’t need to see or have clear airways either.

    Hey, at least you knew what you were getting into. My Lady grows peppers because she likes how they look in bouquets, so I get ambushed!


  2. Have you looked at Barry Cunliffe’s _By Desert, Steppe, and Ocean_? It has lots and lots of sources about Central Asian governments and empires, most of them recent and available through ILL, in English.


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