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  • My morning started with my youngest son walking around the house in his underwear singing “One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater”.
    • I’d blame it on his mother, but I distinctly remember being that age and walking around my house, in my underwear, clucking out “In the Mood” with my brothers like the chickens on the Muppet Show.
  • Let’s say you have 50 tasks, which are somewhat related to each other in a couple of ways.  If you do a little analysis, you can group them into either ten batches of five or five batches of ten.
    • My co-workers gave me 50 batches of 1.
  • It’s amazing how quickly somebody stops complaining about something when you point out that they are the ones who created said problem in the first place.
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  1. John in Philly

     /  September 30, 2017

    If you start singing, “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini” you would have a bit of variety! And both songs came out within a few years of each other. (why yes, I am old enough to clearly remember them both playing on the radio)


  2. Girlie Bear

     /  September 30, 2017

    I might have taught him that song.


  3. …earworms… aaaaaugh!


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