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  • I’m not sure what I did to deserve the honor, but a nice gentleman devoted a full three minutes of his commute to drive in front of me while holding up a finger on his left hand out the window to show me the way forward.  Or maybe it was up.  Either way, thank you nice man from Illinois for making sure I got to my exit OK.
  • Irish Woman finally had enough and agreed to shut off cable TV and the house phone today.  It wasn’t really the money, although our cable bill has grown in recent years to more than my first set of car payments.  Rather, it was mainly because of the rude behavior of the lady at the cable company when Irish Woman called.
    • Do not anger the Irish Woman.  She is currently in an email conversation with someone in customer service management at the company, and has pointed out how much of our money they won’t be getting ever again.
    • They sure showed us, though.  We had to get a new broadband modem and have to accept their faster service at the same price because we unbundled our services.
  • I don’t know how we managed to run so much as a child without the now-mandatory dude with a stereo and a Navy surplus loudspeaker playing “Eye of the Tiger” and “Macarena.”
  • For the first time in far too long, I went out to Knob Creek and put holes into paper at a distance.
    • The new spring set seems to have corrected the light strike issue on the Garand, but now I’m getting a failure to feed issue every so often.  Oh, well, it’s an excuse to spend more time with the rifle.
    • The new-to-me SKS shoots very well with cheap Russian ammunition, which I guess is to be expected.
    • The new MeproLight sights on the Glock 17 are pretty cool.  Definitely need more practice with them.
    • My buddy let me shoot his AR-10 today, and I discovered that he and I share a very close 100 yard zero on the scope he uses.
  • There’s something to be said for sitting in a beer garden and eating a huge catfish sandwich on a beautiful late summer afternoon with folks you haven’t seen in too long.
  • Boo has learned how to work the lawnmower and claims that he enjoys mowing the lawn.  I plan on enjoying this as long as it lasts.
  • As a treat for mowing the lawn, I let Boo watch a bit of television this afternoon. We found old Little Rascals shorts on Amazon, and I haven’t heard my son laugh like that in ages.
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