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  • Even the best jobs have those moments when you are reminded that they have to pay you to show up.
  • If your wife walks past her birthday present three times without noticing it, perhaps you were a little too covert in its installation.
  • Sign you’re a nerd – You get a shot of happiness when you discover that someone has compiled an atlas of historical maps.
  • To the jackass in the wife beater shirt and International Brotherhood of Septic Tank Lickers Local Number “Two Fingers, A Bottlecap, and A Couple of Toes” ball cap today at the zoo, thanks ever so much for scaring the female gorilla away from her perch next to the glass wall of her enclosure.  I’m sure the 20 or so children who were fascinated by observing her learned something from your antics.
    • If we’re lucky, it’s to never breed with someone who looks and acts like you.
    • Once again, I’m convinced that the wrong primates are on exhibit.
  • The second Boogeyman short story is off to beta readers, and I’m about 1/3 of the way done on the third in that series.  Those two will probably come out together.
    • Progress on the second Via Serica book is slow, but steady.
    • Those darned Romans just don’t want to talk to me much lately.


  1. When I lived in DC, I used to go to the National Zoo regularly. One day, in the gorilla house, a slob was pestering the silverback, until the Big Guy, with immense dignity, got up, turned his back, and pressed his buttocks to the glass. Exit slob, amid laughter.

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