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  • I was informed this evening that I will not be allowed to pick out school clothes for Boo on the days where he does not have to wear his uniform.
    • Apparently it’s tied to my refusal to acknowledge that Kelly Green does not go with Hunter Green.
    • This is just another attempt by the Irish Woman to keep the Barbarian-American man down!
  • Parenting becomes a lot more fun when you start mocking your child’s dramatic protestations against some grave injustice in another language.
  • Speaking of which, my accent in Russian was commented on a few weeks ago.  Apparently I talk funny.
    • No kidding.  I learned Russian from two Ukrainians, a former artillery officer from Moscow, a teacher of proper Russian from Leningrad, and a man who was born in China to a father who fought in the White Army.  I wonder why I don’t speak the Tsaritsa’s Russian.
  • You know, rather than tear down statues of folks who had morals and values that conflict with what we consider right, we ought to be putting up statues of people who reflect our values.
    • Seriously, for every statue of Forrest, Lee, and Jackson that you disagree with, erect a statue of Evers, Douglas, or King nearby.
    • That assumes, of course, that all of this is really about racial issues.
  • We’ve always known that the folks who participated in Kilted to Kick Cancer are a great bunch of people.  Today, they showed their class all over again.


  1. Snerk… It’s ALL green, what’s the problem??? 😀


  2. John in Philly

     /  August 31, 2017

    It took many years of marriage for me to grudgingly admit that there were more colors for clothing than blues and yellows.

    Fifteen years working immigration at the airport gave me an appreciation of regional accents, and after years of talking to the Brits I learned to speak English adequately well, although I never lost my American accent.


  3. suz

     /  August 31, 2017

    Green is green is green…wear light green on top and darker green on bottom is my fix. But I am certainly no fashionesta. My sister got those genes. 🙂

    How very cool is what the Kilted to Kick Cancer guys are doing this year. That is just a great way to make a win-win out of a lousy situation. Next to do is to go check out the list of teams.


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