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  • It’s never a good sign to lose power at the house for about 30 seconds, then a few minutes later hear the firetrucks down the street head out at speed.
  • The highlight of my week was when I bought a 4 DVD pack that included Dune and Flash Gordon.
    • I’m such a wild child.
    • I’ve always said that one of the side benefits of having children is that you get to watch all of the movies again.
  • Boo and I went camping with his Cub Scout group last weekend.
    • A good time was had by all, but I still wonder where the boys get all their energy.
    • Boo now wants me to start every fire with flint and steel.
    • A self-inflating air mattress is only going to work if you leave the air valve open long enough and make sure it’s closed securely before you climb onto it to sleep.
    • By the way, did you know that the sound of an air mattress being manually deflated excites beagles and makes them want to pounce on their owners?
  • I’m not sure what this means for winter, but it’s about 10 or so degrees cooler than normal here, with low humidity, and I have started seeing ducks and geese flying south.
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  1. Saw Canada Geese flying overhead in a V today, and I was torn between “What, already?” and “No way, those have to be the local non-migrating moochers! But what are they doing all the way over here?

    I did not know deflating air mattresses excite beagles. I shall forget this, and learn it the hard way again someday.

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  2. John in Philly

     /  August 11, 2017

    And just like that the Queen tune from Flash Gordon has begun playing in my head.

    My limited experience would lead me to say, “mostly self inflating but it needs to make some old guy turn quite red in the face before being fully inflated” mattress.


    • This one seems to just need to be left open for about 45 minutes before it fully inflates. Maybe it’ll get easier after a break-in period.


  3. Meanwhile, I live in ab out the only part of the country with hotter than normal temps.

    Y’know, if I liked it 95 degrees and sunny, I’d’ve convinced the wife to retire to San Angelo or Sierra Vista…


  4. suz

     /  August 11, 2017

    Don’t know about beagles, but my shelties always barked at the deflating mattress pads we had. Got the same reaction to deflating balloons.

    The Thermarest pads I had did take a while to inflate if left collapsed for a few months and rolled up. But once they were unrolled and the valves opened a bit, they would inflate faster the next time. I always would hurry them along with a puff or 3 just to get ‘er done. And I forget exactly once to close the valve before sleeping on them as the remembered pain was a great memory aid.


    • I’ll give it a few more tries before I start looking elsewhere. I’m just to fat and creaky to sleep on a plain foam pad right now.


  5. LOL, reliving boyhood again, eh? 🙂


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