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  • Parish Picnic – A yearly ritual during which much chicken and beer is consumed, children raid change jars for dimes so that they may attempt to win prizes that eventually cost about $3 apiece, and music that should not be played within the confines of church property is blared over the PA system.
  • Boo is about to outgrow yet another set of clothing, another pair of shoes, and his bicycle.
    • I swear, I’m going to introduce him to coffee and smokes just to slow this nonsense down.
  • You know everyone had a great time at the pool when even the dogs need a nap after you get home.
    • Of course, Moonshine and Derby rarely need an excuse to snooze.
  • Our blackberries appear to be massing for an invasion of the tomato bed.  I’m probably going to have to go out there and have a discussion with them.
  • Irish Woman seems to be giving up on this whole organic, natural gardening thing.  I think the tipping point was when she harvested about a bushel of peaches and didn’t get a single one that didn’t have either a fungus or some critter lodged in or on it.
    • I probably better monitor our Amazon account for purchases from the Army Chemical Corps.  She’s pissed.
  • A good friend invites you out to dinner when his family is passing through town.
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