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  • I’ve always said that gun folks are good folks, and I’m expanding that to book folks.  I attended a panel in which Michael Z. Williamson and Rob Reed discussed firearms.  During the question and answer period, a young writer described a firearm-related plot point in her work in progress and a problem she is having.  Not only did Mike and Rob patiently make suggestions and pointers, so did about half the audience.
    • I’ve sat in technology conferences where someone who asked a question for similar reasons was snarked at by the presenter and shouted down by the audience.
  • How do you know that David Drake is a class act?  Well, when I attended his reading, the room was packed when I arrived.  When he noticed that, he stood up from his chair, and had us take the chairs from the panel table to sit in while he stood for the hour.
    • Quote of the day from Mr. Drake – “I don’t write about saints.”
    • What does it say about me when he talked about how grim some of his military SF gets, and I’ve never thought it was?
  • A hug from Sarah Hoyt was just as good as the hour she and her husband Daniel gave us.
  • All of these author readings are going to refill my book queue.   There are worse things that could happen.
  • BRM and Wing were gracious enough to invite OldNFO, John van Stry, and me to sit on the panel for their indy publishing panel on Saturday evening.  We had two hours to fill, and I was worried that we’d be lucky to get to an hour.  Imagine my surprise when NFO called it at an hour and forty five minutes.
    • The audience was excellent, with a lot of questions and information exchange all around.
    • I learned that I should look at what it takes to create trailer videos for my books.
    • I’ve already asked to be included in the panel if there’s time next year.
  • I’m pretty sure I spent more on coffee than I did on food all weekend.
  • By the way, looking at a rather humongous plate of food and muttering, “Challenge accepted!” is never a good idea.
  • I ran into a couple of folks who were in a lot of the same places I was in the Army, but were there a few years earlier.  It eased a lot of crowd anxiety for me to take a bit of time to talk with them and talk about old times.
  • I put out about fifty buttons with the Lady of Eyre and Minivandians symbol on it at the swag table, and they all got picked up.  It’ll be interesting to see if I see any activity from them.
  • I arrived home last night in time to enjoy dinner with Irish Woman and Boo.  We then went to a fireworks display.
    • As great as the rest of the weekend was, that was the best part.
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  1. Was nice to meet you, and really enjoyed the panel you were on, although I had to leave early to assist with Minion-herding duties. Given the number of gun monkeys at Libertycon, I’m sorta surprised that the Master Gunsmith panel wasn’t fuller than it was.

    Hope to see you there next year, we’ll swap spook stories!


  2. mrgarabaldi

     /  July 4, 2017

    Hey DB;

    Well I always liked David Drake, he writes about soldiers and warriors in his MilSCiFi, We understand because we also have walked the ramparts. Glad you had a good time at LibertyCon…


  3. And you did a damn good job on the panel, considering I was doing that on the fly. You picked up the leads and ran with them! The book folks are good folks too!!!


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