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New Yarn Hits the Street

Jim Curtis has a new story out, The Morning the Earth Shook.  

Here’s his description:

A year after Calexit, the last US bases in Southern California are under siege, with their power and water cut off. Their perimeters are under constant probes by a now hostile nation. There is intelligence the government of California is planning a final all-out action to overwhelm the last bases and claim the spoils of victory for their own…

But the men and women in uniform aren’t going to let their bases be overrun, especially after the murder of their dependents. This is their story, a novella of the last military withdrawal from California. And if there’s one thing the Sailors and Marines are not going to do, it’s go quietly!

I’m a couple chapters in, and I’m having to force myself to put it down because sleep.  Curtis is an excellent storyteller, and this promises to be a pageturner.  If you like military fiction that grabs you and doesn’t let go, give this one a whirl.

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