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  • I did my yearly sexual harassment training while working from home today.
    • Irish Woman says that she will now be able to call my boss if I get out of line when we both work from home.
  • My boss sent me an innocent text that had me suddenly remembering a similar conversation that brought me a lot of grief about 20 years ago.
    • Seriously, asking about some obscure, not widely known skill in an offhand manner has made my life interesting on more than one occasion, usually involving me doing things I won’t tell my kids about.
  • One problem with speaking foreign languages is that you cringe a lot when watching television and movies that feature those languages.
    • I forgave Sean Connery for his work in Hunt for Red October, but seriously, if you’re going to be doing a non-fiction work like a documentary, at least try to get someone who speaks the language to either write, act, or both.
  • I must remember to leave a note in the gun safe advising my heirs to never, ever, under any circumstances remove the Wolff trigger spring I put in my Garand.  Ye gods and little fishes that was a pain to get in.
  • While I was at it, I finally got around to dropping a Timney trigger into the AR-15.  So, how many of you all wished you could grow a third hand when you’re doing that kind of work?
  • I received a letter from the NRA urging me to upgrade from my Life membership, and offering to give me some branded swag as a thank you.  I will have to regretfully decline and take my 1911 and Model 13 out for some carry and range time instead.
    • Honestly, were I to take one of their courses, I would probably take a Glock.  I just don’t like being told what is and what isn’t an acceptable choice.
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  1. Only THREE hands, you must be good… We did it and it took FOUR hands… sigh


  2. John in Philly

     /  June 21, 2017

    AR triggers. Using one of these cuts down on the number of hands needed.
    This one is the most expensive.
    Quite a bit less expensive.
    Even less expensive.
    The Brownells block needed a bit of filing, the Tapco was a little loose.
    Also there is a trick of using a short assembly pin, and the trick of orienting the grooves in the pins a certain way before you put them into the weapon.
    This video shows the lower being held by a vise block and at about the 1:37 point he shows why orienting the grooves in a certain way helps.
    Even if you don’t plan a lot of gunsmithing on the AR platform, a vise block and a cleaning link makes maintenance and cleaning way easier.
    I also suggest adding a rod guide to your tool kit.


  3. Sounds like NRA has relented on the 1911 and revolver issue.

    I heard a lot of rationales for the policy, but none of them changed the fact that most folks have one or two guns, stick to them, and if they can come up with $850 to pay for multi-day class, are unlikely to be willing to go buy a specific design of gun for it. If you’re paying that much for the class, the instructor had damned well better be up to dealing with any hundred+ year old design quirks.


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