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  • Irish Woman likes to tease me about how prevalent subdued earth tones are in my wardrobe.
    • What she doesn’t understand is how much coffee I drink and how uncoordinated I am.
    • Earth tones save me a lot of money in replaced shirts and pants.
  • Question – If  Hollywood were to make a modern reboot of Back to the Future, in which Marty goes back 30 years to the 1980’s, which 2000’s car do you think they would use for the time machine?
    • I’m thinking Prius.  Of course, they’d have to put in a scene where Doc explains how he got an old Prius up to 88 miles per hour without dropping it out of an airplane.
    • It’s thoughts like these that kept me out of good schools.
  • I’d like to thank all of y’all who have bought Lady of Eyre. So far, it’s doing about as well as the other two books in the arc.
    • Once you’ve read it, I’d appreciate it if you could give me five more minutes of your time and write up an honest review at Amazon.
  • I ordered the proof for the hard copy compilation of the three books last night.
    • My goal is to have it available before LibertyCon at the end of June.
  • I knew it was going to be rough when an instructor mentioned people skills several times in the first couple hours of a week-long course.
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  1. mrgarabaldi

     /  May 25, 2017

    Hey DB;

    You like the earth tones because it looks like camouflage…


  2. suz

     /  May 25, 2017

    Earth tones are the best color for hiding not only coffee spills (or tea in my case) but also sloppy puppy slobber. Cause blue scrubs don’t hide squat. Don’t ask how I know. Sigh…

    I devoured the Lost Children, Quest to the North and The Lady of Eyre, and greatly enjoyed all of them. So I was a good dooby and did my homework by writing honest reviews in hopes that you will write more. 🙂


  3. Khakis… LOL Thanks for the reminder, review is up.


  4. “I knew it was going to be rough when an instructor mentioned people skills several times in the first couple hours of a week-long course.”

    There are a great many people in the world who should be introduced to a guillotine, and those who use the phrase “people skills” voluntarily should head the queue.


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