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  • DaddyBear’s college financing fix – Four years of public university study is free to the student, but we are going to put a 33% tax on the first 10 years of that student’s income that is more than double the national poverty level.
    • It goes up to a 50% tax on any income if it takes you more than 10 years to get to that income level.  This should incentivize folks to get a degree that leads to gainful employment and to get off their butts and get a job after graduation.
    • You can get that tax rebated to you if, after five years of working at that income level, you quit and take a lower-paying, but important, job, such as social work or  inner-city / rural teaching, for five years.
    • We will defray the start-up and maintenance costs of the program by putting a 15% tax on the income of the top 10% most highly paid employees at state colleges and universities.
    • I might even be amenable to a special tax on ‘instructors’ or ‘professors’ who do not devote 75% of their work week to personally giving instruction, grading student work, or meeting with students to work on their education.
    • Participation is, of course, voluntary, but I don’t want to hear a peep about how unfair it is that folks have to pay to get their degrees in Klingon Studies or whatever if they choose to go with how we finance college now.
  • When I was a kid, we were told that nuclear winter would tip us over into a new ice age. Now, we are worried about retreating glaciers and melting polar ice caps.
    • Am I the only one who sees a possible solution to the new problem by invoking the old problem?
  • The Kentucky Derby is in a little less than two weeks, which means that the drought of available manpower and employee attention, which started when the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets came out, will soon be over.
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  1. I could support that one too! 🙂 Especially the profs!!! Good luck with the Derby!


    • I only bet for bragging rights, and usually don’t make a decision until they’re on their way to the gates.


  2. suz

     /  April 25, 2017

    Dad’s deal was 1. pick the college, 2. Pick a major you can get a job in that will pay a “living wage”, 3. If you screw up, you are out on your own. I will not pay for you girls to fool around and not work.

    All three of us have degrees and make good money and no college bills after graduation. My one sister is a school teacher (history), Baby sis works in computers, and I’m an RN.

    Course I did it the hard way (had a disagreement with my nursing prof who thought I should be involved in the Nursing Club on campus (they did nothing) I was involved in a service club on campus, so she flunked me in Clinical and told me not to take the final (the day before) so at the tender age of 19, I listened to her…but had already signed up to take the LPN boards (aced them). Dad said as I had had a B+ average, if I had taken the final and gotten a D on it, he could have fought it with the college administration. So I took a year off, went to Secretarial School, on my own dime, graduated, got married, had a kid, got divorced, went back to school on the “sliding scale compensation plan”. Dad said “Got a deal for you” I pay up front, he would reimburse based on the grade achieved. A’s=100%, B’s=80%, C’s=50%, anything less he wasn’t interested in. I went back to school part time, while working a full time job and a part time job with a 3 year old as a single mom. Initially paid for all of it out of my pocket, and he reimbursed me every cent (books, tuition) since I got straight A’s and graduated Magna cum laude. 🙂

    Sometimes you value more what you work for, instead of what you are given.

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  3. JH

     /  April 26, 2017

    hold the phone… that’s essentially how student loan payments are working now….. 2x FPL (Single person household) = all income over 25K taxed at 33% sooo…. 50,000(Avg salary of all new college grads per google) – 25,000(2x FPL) = 25k taxed @33% = 8,333 in additional tax.

    8333 / 12 = ~700…. or about a hefty student loan payment / month

    Also 8333/yr x 10 years = 83,000…. or full tuition w/ room and board at most decent state schools for 4 years…..


    • Can’t argue with the math. I will point out that this is an involuntary tax instead of a semi-voluntary “I’ll pay it when I can” system like we have now.

      I also meant it as a ridiculous idea to point out how ridiculous the “free college for all” nonsense is. It’s not free, never has been, and never will be. Those who cry for it mean they want it free for themselves and push the cost off to the rest of us. While my plan is ridiculous, it would push the cost of ‘free’ college off to those who benefit from the college system, the students and folks who enrich themselves on federal grants and student loans.


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