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  • I’d like to send a shout-out to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, who has been working hard on the roads hereabouts lately.
    • It takes real talent to make a road worse after the repair.
    • Here’s a hint – If the only notification that your road crew is removing barrels after dark is when my headlights hit their reflective vests, you’re doing it wrong.
    • Yes, I was doing the speed limit, and there were “ROAD CREW” signs posted. I got over onto the shoulder a bit to give them room once I knew they were there, but lights are cheap and road workers are worth the expense.
  • A rural SUPERDUPERMART on a Sunday night is a real cultural experience.
    • There was a lot of mutton dressed up as lamb, a lot of lamb dressed up as breeding ewe, and a few rams dressed up as… well, not as rams.
    • Folks from all over the hemisphere, of all ages, seem to congregate there to mix and mingle.
    • I must be weird for needing an ironing board.  I got more looks than the older woman who was wearing clothing five sizes too small.
  • There was a strange point during my drive tonight where a rock station faded out somewhat, a country station faded in a bit, and they both mixed in with a Spanish station on the same frequency.
    • The condition only lasted for a few minutes.  I was hoping to hear some station identifiers so I try to figure what kind of weird hop would cause that.
  • I have done my yearly mowing of the lawn.  I do not plan on doing it again until this time next year.
    • The act of clipping the top six or seven inches off of a perfectly good blade of grass is alien to me.


  1. Girlie Bear

     /  April 10, 2017

    Which Walmart?


  2. LOL, had the same thing happen driving from Atlanta to Augusta, except it was classic rock, preacher, and something Hispanic… Lasted about 10 minutes.


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