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  • Somewhere, there is a religion which believes that the punishment for a sinful life is trudging randomly back and forth, hemmed in by harpies and sloths, always seeking, but never finding.  I know this because I stumbled into their hell the other day when I went grocery shopping.
  • The only thing better than going bowling on a rainy afternoon during spring break is going bowling on a rainy afternoon during spring break and getting cheese fries as a bonus.
  • On one side of us while we were bowling yesterday was a group of adults with developmental disabilities.  On the other, there was a pair of young mothers with five school-age children.
    • Guess which group was better behaved and were better sports?
    • If my kids had ever acted like that in a bowling alley, they’d have been fed into the ball return pour encourager les autres.
  • Since the weather was nice today, I had the great idea of taking Boo to the zoo this morning.  Unfortunately, every parent in the tri-state area had the same idea.
  • I need to look back at what was going on last last summer, because we must have had some major weather event or something that shut folks into their homes.  At least half of the crowd at the zoo was either extremely pregnant or carrying/carting around itsy bitsy babies.
  • Boo seems to be entering another growth spurt.  He had yogurt this morning at 7, a hearty breakfast at 8.  He was given an apple as a snack at 10, and we had lunch at 11:30.  By 1 PM, he was starving to death, and after another piece of fruit at 2, was giving the cat that lean and hungry look I always associate with wolves at the end of a long, hard winter.


  1. John in Philly

     /  April 5, 2017

    My wife has advised me that the only reason I am in the grocery store is to push the shopping cart. And she has strongly advised me that no part of that job involves deliberately bumping into aisle blocking idiots and then apologizing in an over the top cheerful manner.

    I think that a combination of very dark sunglasses and a cane would be great for bumping into aisle blocking idiots, but that has been expressly forbidden by my wife.

    I have noticed that the aisle blocking idiots at a certain food store that rhymes with Bowl Dudes smell like old hippies.


  2. Phssthpok

     /  April 6, 2017

    “…giving the cat that lean and hungry look I always associate with wolves at the end of a long, hard winter.”

    Even in those tender years he’s able to do a CBA on energy expended v. energy gained.


    • Oh, he’d definitely have to expend a lot of calories to catch and subdue the furball. I just need to find the food combination that fills him up for more than 20 minutes.


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