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  • A lot of folks are shocked, yes, shocked, I say! that the Central Intelligence Agency has probably found ways to exploit weaknesses in devices connected to the Internet.
    •   Personally, I’d be pissed if I found out that they hadn’t developed these capabilities.  I know it’s a surprise to a large section of the populace, but gentlemen do indeed reach each other’s letters.
    • If only the intelligence and law enforcement agencies had earned enough trust from the American nation that we could know with some certainty that such tools would never be misused or turned against us.
  • I believe that I’ve parsed the illegal immigration problem into two camps:
    • Those, like me, who see immigration into the United States as a privilege we extend to those we feel deserve it, regardless of the prospective immigrant’s origins.
    • Those who believe that immigration into our country from other parts of the world is a human right, which we as a nation have no right to moderate, regulate, or object to. Interestingly enough, I can find no historical example of a nation that survived long after opening its borders for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wanted to come on over and set up their yurts.
    • I still believe that a wall on the border is nothing more than a dam that can be overcome by the draw of jobs in El Norte.  Cut off the supply of jobs, either through litigation, legislation, or defenestration, and the flow of illegal immigrants will be reduced significantly.
  • The brawl over repealing/replacing/reforming Obamacare is gaining steam, both in the halls of Congress and in the media.
    • Somewhere along the way the nation went from looking at comprehensive health insurance as a fringe benefit brought by hard work at a good job to seeing it as a human right that has to be paid for by the productive minority.
    • Here’s my suggestion –
      • The ACA is repealed in total. Buy insurance, don’t buy insurance, not my problem.
      • Medicare is not touched in any way. Lord knows old folks have earned it after putting up with the Baby Boomers, Gen X, and the Millenials for the last 3/4 of a century.
      • Medicaid is clawed back to cover only poor families and those who are incapable of supporting themselves.
      • The bar for being declared incapable of supporting yourself gets raised quite a bit.
      • The American taxpayer provides precisely zero toward the healthcare of anyone who is capable of working and paying their own way, but doesn’t.  I’m a big fan of “Those who refuse to work, do not eat”.
      • To make up for this, donations to charity hospitals, clinics, and other health programs would be 100% deductible from personal and corporate income taxes, with no limit to the amount that could be donated. Let those who want to screech that the rest of us aren’t doing enough put their money where their mouth is.
  • There are some who say we can’t kill our way out of the Islamic terrorism problem.
    • I say we can’t know that unless we really try.
    • We spend too much time trying to be loved.  I’m about ready for everyone to realize that it’s more feasible to be left alone because of the terror our displeasure strikes in the hearts of men.


  1. suz

     /  March 10, 2017

    I fully agree on healthcare. My vote is repeal the ACA, and have Trump call his buddies who are CEO’s at Aetna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, Clue Shield and say draw up/dust off policies and start marketing them as of 10/1/17 to be effective 1/1/18.Turn the power of the free market loose. When did Repeal Obamacare turn into repeal and replace?? Get government out of healthcare!! STAT!!

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  2. “There are some who say we can’t kill our way out of the Islamic terrorism problem”

    Well, to a degree they have a point. As long as we do not establish a long standing pattern of answering barbarism with military force focused on those who can stop the barbarians, it is true. We can kill individual terrorists until the cows come home, and it won’t get us anywhere.

    The history of Islamic extremism shows that it fears up whenever and wherever there are governments of Islamic territory that are unwilling to stop firmly on assorted necks. When they ARE willing, the ‘terrorists’ go hide in the hills, revert to banditry, and mostly only trouble their immediate neighbors.

    We don’t need to kill more Islamic nut jobs; we need to convince the countries they hide in that not doing something about them is likely to make life REALLY unpleasant in the near future.

    It’s called Gunboat Diplomacy. It’s amoral, messy, and almost always works.

    I hope somebody in a position to apply this insight does so soon. The way things are going, I fear that someday some rhetoric-addled camel-pesterer will pull of a really big attack (hell, 9/11 killed less than 3,000 people). Let some idjit set off a really big bomb in an urban area, and we could be looking at ten times the number of deaths from 9/11. Get the American people really angry and (to borrow a phrase from the late Sir Terry Pratchett) hell will go for a walk with the sleeves rolled up. We haven’t even gotten close to that. Yet. Mecca still stands. Annoy us badly enough and that could change. It won’t be good for us, but it would be worse for Islam.

    Oh, and Terrorist Folks? You think we won’t? May I suggest you have a long heart-to-heart with the Japanese? And keep in mind, Pearl Harbor killed fewer people than 9/11.


  3. Agree with all, and the ‘good’ news is illegals coming across the border are down 40%, and illegals and lefties running to Canada is up 20%… ALL GOOD! 🙂


  4. Aw, jeeze, Old NFO. What did Canada ever do to you?


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