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Overheard in the House

Last Sunday –

Her, she of the flashing green eyes – I’m home from the doc in the box. Got a bad respiratory infection. How are you feeling? You just took your arthritis injections.
Me – Aw, you poor thing! I’m fine. Go, get some rest and get better! Don’t you worry about me! I’m a strong dude! Nothing to worry about.
Wednesday afternoon –
Me – I’m home from work. Feel like pond scum.
Her – You should go to the doctor.
Me – Woman, I’m fine! Just need a few hours of sleep and I’ll be ready to gnarfle the garthok!
Her – Uh-huh.
Me – Yep, nothing to see here, move along.  I’ll see you in 24 hours.
This morning –
Me – Hey sweetie! Guess what happened!
Her, feeling a bit better after a week of treatment – You went to the doctor?
Me, chuckling nervously – Well, in a totally unrelated, coincidental, and completely odd happening, I bumped into a doctor at the doc in the box today, and he says that I have a double ear infection, a sinus infection, and strep throat. He mentioned rheumatic fever, for some weird reason, and said that I need to make good use of this ruck sack full of prescriptions he gave me. What a great guy, carrying such a thing around on the odd chance that he runs into someone who doesn’t have one.
Her – And did this humanitarian ask when you’ll be human again?
Me – Well, he said that I should take another couple of days away from the office, for some odd reason, and that I should avoid contact with other living creatures until Tuesday night.  Something about the zombie apocalypse.
Her – tap tap tap tap
Me – Well, I’ll just take one of these rather large pills, one of these little pills that say “Have lots of pillows nearby and say hi to Aslan for us!” on the label, and a few of these little white pills.
Her – tap tap tap tap
Me – Well, that’s not a pleasant flavor.  Huh, feeling a little tired all of a sudden.  Perhaps I’ll lay down for a few mom……….zzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. suz

     /  March 5, 2017

    Ugh!! Take your meds and feel better quickly!! Lots of fluids (NON-alcoholic), Tylenol and rest along with your meds…maybe chicken soup?
    It has really been going around this year, and it is a tough bugger to kick.
    Feel better!


    • Definitely taking my meds. Tylenol does next to nothing for me anymore, and neither does Motrin. Oddly enough, plain Jane aspirin works wonders, but I have to be careful to not take too much.

      Doc said I’ll kick the worst of it in a week to ten days, but I’ll have the cough until after spring allergy season.

      Watch this space for a new chicken soup recipe. Definitely going to be making use of the crock pot tomorrow.


  2. John in Philly

     /  March 6, 2017

    I tried this once, “I was driving by the gunshop and purely by coincidence…” It did not work.
    Take care of yourself.


  3. Get better! And yes, naps are good things!


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