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CLFA Book of the Year Award

The folks over at the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance, the group that put out the story collection, “Chasing Freedom” which included one of my shorts, have a survey up for their Book of the Year Award.

CLFA (Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance) is an online group of readers, authors and other creative individuals who want to see more freedom-friendly storytelling in the marketplace. We provide our members with networking opportunities as well as a safe, friendly and open environment for both political and creative discussions. We are currently at over 1300 members strong, with new participants joining us on a daily basis.

CLFA Book of the Year Awards, now in their third year, seek to recognize the best in freedom-friendly fiction. To qualify for entry in the CLFA 2017 Book of the Year contest, the work has to be over 50k words and first published in any form in 2016. Our members voted to arrive at the Top 10 list, which is now open to the public for the final vote.


Looking at the list, this is an embarrassment of riches.  I’ve read most of the works, and they’re all good, fun reads.  The titles and authors span multiple genres, and all of them are quality works.  I’ve been a member of the CLFA for about a year, and all of the authors are active, helpful, and friendly to me as I feel my way through figuring out this whole writing thing.

So, it was really difficult for me to choose.  In the end, I went with Peter Grant‘s “Brings the Lightning“, which is a departure into westerns for Peter.  I was a beta reader for the book, and Peter and his wife, Dorothy, have been instrumental in getting me to improve my own writing, so there is a bit of bias in my choice.  If you give Lightning a read and you at all like Westerns, I think you’ll enjoy it.

But any of the titles available as choices in the CLFA list will appeal to folks who like good fiction.  Please, take a little time for yourself and check out the authors and their works, and you might find yet another path to follow in your reading.

Voting ends March 31st, so it’s time to get reading and make a choice.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sorry, but I voted for Peter too.


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