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  • The good news today is that I was able to rise from my bed and go to work without wishing I could just lie down at the side of the freeway and die.
    • The bad news today is that I wanted to lie down at the side of the freeway and die during the drive home.
  • If I ever want to go into writing horror stories, all I’ll need for inspiration is to catch a bad head cold, take a large dose of green death NyQuil, and sleep for about 13 hours.  The fever dreams must have been close to what Stephen King saw when he was still writing horror.
  • I finished the rough draft of “Lady of Eyre”, the last part of the current Minivandians book, and sent it off to alpha readers.
    • Of course, being doped off my gourd on cold medicine made the writing easier.  Whether it’s at all readable remains to be seen.
  • When using tissues with lotion embedded in them, it is not suggested that you use them to wipe your eyeglasses off.


  1. John in Philly

     /  March 4, 2017

    Or the panic inducing moment when you accidentally don your wife’s somewhat similar looking, but ground hugely different, glasses.

    Looking forward to the next book.


    • Luckily, I go for basic metal rimmed, while Irish Woman is the more fashionable of the two of us.


  2. Yep, smeared is the word for it… But for that moment in time, you wonder what happened to your vision… sigh… BTDT!


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