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Warning:  I wrote this before I had coffee and after a night of stress dreams.

  • Your business is none of my business until you start making me pay for your business.  At that point, it is most certainly my business.
    • Corollary – If you stop making your business my business, I will be happy to go back to minding my own business.
  • Standardized testing at the end of the school year seems unfair to the teacher if it’s to be used to decide if they’re doing their job.
    • I mean, what if the students were woefully ignorant of the subject on day 1?
    • How about this:  Do standardized tests at the beginning of the year, then give the same test at the end.  Evaluate the teacher’s performance based on the difference between the two tests.
    • I know, there I go again, thinking it’s a good idea to see if the billions we dump into the public education system are actually going toward educating students.
  • Another way to say “America First” is “What’s in it for us?”, and I’m perfectly OK with that.  If we can’t articulate what the United States is getting out of any relationship or commitment, be it tangible or intangible, then why are we doing it?
  • One thing that I think is missing from the way we educate people is that we don’t tell folks that while they are still being educated and trained, their opinion on all but an exceedingly small number of subjects is most likely worthless.
    • For a lot of folks, this condition does not change after their period of education and training is over.
    • At the moment, I may or may not be part of that group.  I’m gonna go make coffee.


  1. Totally agree on the test first day, test last day… THAT is a better metric for performance evaluation!


  2. Girlie Bear

     /  February 26, 2017

    Your Southern is coming out, Dad. Drink more coffee.


  3. Two specific points I’d like to make regarding minding people’s business:

    1) I don’t want to hear about your vegetarian, vegan, all natural, all organic, or all local diet. I’m sure it makes you feel wonderful, but history is full of malnourished cranks, and I’m not interested. And keep your paws off my processed foods, my GMO produce, and my soda. I won’t tell you how to eat, accord me the same courtesy.

    2) I’m over 50, overweight, amd homely. You don’t want to think about my sex life, and I don’t want to think about yours. Have a Pride Parade if you want to, but leave the bondage getups at home. They don’t make you look edgy and hip, they make you look like an arrested adolescent with poor impulse control. The same goes for the levander nuns’ habits, and for crying out loud why do you want to expose your pierced nipples?


  4. P.S. the ‘you’ in the above post is general, not aimed at our host.


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