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  • I’ve been stuck for two weeks on the short story to go into the final third of the Minivandians book I’ve been working on.
    • That is, of course, until I was halfway through my commute tonight, when I figured out how I was going to end it.
    • That brought out about 20 minutes of repeatedly babbling the story to myself in the car so I didn’t forget it and a mad dash into the house to get it down on paper when I got home.
  • Boo’s PineWood Derby went quite well.  It’s amazing what a little graphite on the wheels and axle can do.
  • I have decided to not use “Designated Guilty Bastard” as my job title at work.  It might be frowned upon.
  • I may have made my coffee a little too nuclear this morning.  It stripped a layer of skin off my tongue and I could hear colors all morning.
  • It was rather warm today, but we just had a thunderstorm with hail blow through, and tomorrow we’re back to February.
    • Nothing says “I miss North Dakota” like limping in pain because the temperature is about to drop 40 degrees in six hours.


  1. Awesome! Even if it’s an undignified scramble, hey, at least you got the story problem solved!


  2. John in Philly

     /  February 25, 2017

    Coffee a little too nuclear? As a former sailor I am struggling with the concept.


  3. Heh… At least you remembered it when you got home! 🙂 And John’s right, if you’re not hearing colors, it ain’t strong enough!!! Glad Boo’s derby car went well too!


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