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  • Things that will wake me up better than a hot cup of coffee #1287 – Irish Woman standing in front of the freezer in the basement and crying out “NO! OH NO!”
    • It would appear that when I was putting away the meat we purchased on Sunday, I neglected to make sure the door was shut completely before finding my way upstairs.
    • Irish Woman has been shopping the sales and bulk pricing to fill up the freezer over the last few months.
    • We lost about 1/2 of our meat stores, and the freezer was quite full.
    • Most of what we didn’t lose was still cold to the touch and partially frozen, so it went into the stew pot, oven, and crock pots to get cooked so it could be repacked and refrozen.
    • My loving and oh-so forgiving wife did that today while I was at work.
    • She’s let me live so far, but the evening is still young.
  • Someone needs to tell the press that there is absolutely no way that the Trump campaign had constant contact with the Kremlin.
    • Everybody knows that the GRU has its headquarters over on Khoroshovskoe Shosse, and FSB headquarters are down at the Lubyanka.
  • It’s Pinewood Derby Time again.  This year, rather than mess around with dremels, chisels, knives, and sanders, I took the plunge and bought a coping saw.  What took me almost three hours last year took about an hour this year.
    • It’s quite interesting how many folks will volunteer information on how to cheat on these cars when you say you’re building one.


  1. John in Philly

     /  February 16, 2017

    After our freezer fiasco we talked about the next time. We settled on the simple solution of hanging the freezer key from the door handle, and unlocking and locking the door.
    It is not the physical security of the lock, it is the fact that unless the door is closed you cannot lock the door.
    In the more modern age, I am fairly sure there is a simple alarm solution.
    “Close the pod bay freezer door HAL.”


    • I’m sure there are technology solutions for this, but definitely not in my price range.

      I’m happy to report that the freezer did not burn out, and it seems to be keeping things below freezing. I’m pretty sure the ‘frost free’ feature is still working. I may have shortened its life span, but it’s not dead yet.


  2. Re: Pinewood Derby… I’ve been building those things for 9 years and easily have made over 2 dozen cars in that time. No need to cheat. Weight is not super important I’ve won w cars that are 4.7 to 5.0 oz. Although getting the weight towards the rear is suppose to be best. The secret is the wheels. Make sure the axles are level when inserted. File the burrs off the axle. Put the axle in the dremel and then run a fine file along the burrs until smooth. Be careful not to bend the axle! When burr is gone, run a strip of super fine sandpaper across the axle while still in dremel to polish. Leave 1/16″ between wheel and body when axle is installed back on car. One last thing, graphite, graphite, graphite! . Good luck…


    • Thanks, Coop. Been doing these things since I was a scout in the 1970’s. My father was one of those rare beasts that refused to work on it with us, so I’ve done a few over the years. I’ve only messed up really bad once. That was last year, when I put Boo’s wheels on a hair too tight, and they rubbed against the body so much his car didn’t make it all the way down the track.


      • heh… I know that feeling, all to well. Our first PWD, #1 & I worked hard on his car and thought we did a good job. I learned a lot of lessons that year.


  3. SPEMack

     /  February 16, 2017

    If any event ever contributed more to,me desire to leave the employ of the BSA it would be pinewood derby.

    Down here they resembled something more again to Man U playing Chelsea.


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