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  • There’s just something nice about a bartender who is willing to take the time to explain to you why she is stuffing maraschino cherries into miniature mason jars and lighting hardwood splinters to smoke them.
    • Apparently they go in a cocktail of some kind.
  • I was very disappointed tonight.  Our local liquor store stopped stocking a rather yummy ginger beer that I really liked.  In its place, they have all the banana-cherry-bubble-gum-kiwi-sweet-and-sour malt liquor beverages I could ever want.
  • A week into the Trump presidency, and the biggest argument so far has been about the size of the crowd at the inauguration.  Speaking for myself, the number of people who showed up to the ceremony is a useless bit of trivia.  You know, like the popular vote tally for a presidential election.
    • OK, I wrote that before the whole immigration restriction shit storm started.  Now, that’s an argument of unexpected proportions if I ever saw one.
  • A thought occurs on the H1-B visa program, which allows businesses to bring in foreign skilled labor if they can show that they cannot find American workers to do the work:  Why not make the government fee for such visas equal to the amount the company is going to pay the foreign worker in salary and benefits?  This would ensure that foreign workers aren’t a cheaper alternative to Americans. The money could be put toward training programs and scholarships to train Americans, thereby lessening the need to  hire someone from overseas.
  • I’m something of an introvert, who is married to an extravert.  She works from home, so has limited physical contact with people all day.  I work in an office, so I have pretty regular contact with people all day.  Usually this works out because I can reserve some of myself just for her and she has enough social interaction throughout the day so that she’s not absolutely lonely.  The bad days are when she’s locked away for nine hours while I never get a moment to myself all day.  I come through the door groaning “PEOPLE!” and she’s jumping up and down, happy to see me, chanting “PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE!”
  • Moonshine learned the hard way this morning that one does not try to sneak breakfast potatoes when they are still cooking in a cast iron skillet.
    • He’s OK, but it was the yip heard ’round the house.

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  1. Ah yes, the eternal battle… Intro vs. extro… 🙂


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