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  • I met Girlie Bear and her young man at a range near their university this morning.  The girl child has shot .22 rifles before, and tried my CZ-82 once or twice, but she wanted to try some other handguns now that she’s a little older.
    • Today, we had a Glock 17, a 1911, and a S&W Model 13, as well as the 10-22.
    • I’m proud to say that my little girl preferred the 1911.
    • The young man liked the Model 13, once he got used to it being a bit off from his experience shooting Colt revolvers.
  • Even after not shooting it for a long time, I can still make a pretty decent group with the 1911, but I was all over the paper with the Glock.  Going to need to remedy that.
  • Girlie Bear shot her .22 like she was still on the school rifle team, which meant about one shot every 30 seconds or so.  That’s a great way to concentrate on fundamentals and such, but when you’re paying for your range time by the hour, it can make your father twitch a bit.
  • I was curious to see what not having the Obama anti-gun cattle prod would do to firearms businesses.   I am happy to report that there were still quite a few people shooting at the range and buying guns this morning.
  • Prices are still way out of whack.
    • A severely beat-up Chinese Type 53  carbine was marked $300.
    • Still-in-the-cosmoline round receiver Mosin Nagants were $260 apiece.
    • Mosin-Nagant’s in plastic stocks were going for about the same price.
    • An antique Smith and Wesson .22 revolver was priced just under $700.  Arguably, it seemed to be in pristine condition and it did make both of the male components of our shooting trio drool on the counter.
  • The young men working the counter at the range looked quite excited when I told them that Colt was going to be making revolvers again.  It’s almost as if there’s a market for such things that’s been neglected for years.
  • I decided to not take the freeway home after we got some lunch, and had a nice drive through the Kentucky countryside.
    • I also drove through half of Lexington and all of Frankfort, which wasn’t quite as pleasant.
  • Gas in the cities was about 30 cents a gallon more than several smaller towns along the way.  Not exactly sure why that was.
  • Got home to find that there was no running water in the neighborhood.  Upon calling the water company, found that somebody had taken it upon himself to fiddle with a valve on our water main.  The water company dutifully sent someone out to turn it back on, but something happened and our water main ruptured.
    • So that happened.
    • As of 10 PM, we have no running water.  I braved the wilds of Walmart to get some extra drinking water, since we will be drinking and washing with what we have on hand.
    • If I ever find the assbite who messed with the water main, I’m going to be feeding him to the chipmunks one toe at a time.
  • I’ve heard back from the beta readers for Lost Children, the next book in the Minivandians series, and have acquired a printed copy to do final checks and edits before releasing it.  Lord willing and the water don’t rise, it should be out by the end of next week.
    • Watch this space for news and another snippet.


  1. John in Philly

     /  January 22, 2017

    Water. Have to think about that, we have always figured we would have time to stock up, what happened to you tells a different story. Back to the drawing board.


    • It’s not expensive to stock up on cheap drinking water. The catch is that the plastic containers are only good for a few months before they start degrading and dissolving. We rotate through flats of water and several gallon containers about 3 times a year.


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