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  • Things that did not end well #293o2457 – Crash the Siamese Psychopath stalking a full grown Canada Goose who was having a stroll down our street.
    • Idjit only backed down when Mr. Goose spread his wings and dared him to come closer.
    • The one time I take the dogs out and leave my phone inside, this happens.  I could have been rich, or at least Internet famous.
  • I had lunch with Girlie Bear and her young man yesterday.
    • It went well.  He’s a nice guy, respectful, firm handshake, and stopped being jumpy after about 15 minutes.
    • He gained points by admitting that his deer rifle is a .30-30.
    • I’m taking the two of them shooting on Saturday, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Freedom’s Light has gone live on Amazon, and it seems to be doing well.  Nick Cole has an excellent write-up.
  • Today I learned that the way to get out of a long prison sentence for something I most definitely did is to ask to be castrated and threaten suicide.
  • Moonshine tried to get out of my investigation into a disappearing cinnamon roll this morning using the soulful eyes routine.  He failed spectacularly.
  • I am not allowed to put the term “Are you illiterate or just stupid?” into a business email.
  • The inclusion of an extended human interest story during a news broadcast is an excellent excuse to test out the mute button on my TV remote.


  1. nixfu

     /  January 18, 2017

    >is a .30-30

    well you can educate him about “Gods caliber” later.


  2. SO it won’t be two went out, one came back…LOL And that WOULD have been a helluva video! 🙂


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