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  • I took the family to see Rogue One again.  Irish Woman hadn’t seen it.  It was good the first time, it was better the second time.
  • Carhartt jeans are soft, durable, and look nice.  They seem to be able to stand up to just about anything, and don’t dissolve when half of a large movie soda is dumped down the front of them.
  • Pigheadedness must be an evolved survival characteristic in Irish women.  My loving wife has had a nagging cough for several days, won’t go to the doctor, and when short of breath, argues with me that she is fine.
    • I presented her with a hefty snort of nigh-time cold medicine, some stinky chest ointment that smelled like a koala, and banished her to bed.
  • New Year’s Eve, after our dinner guests had left, consisted of the last third of a Disney movie, some ice water, and an early bedtime.
    • Woohoo!  Born to be wild!
    • Girlie Bear stayed up until midnight, but didn’t seem too enthused when she got up at 6. She seemed to appreciate the pot of coffee I made, so I’m not entirely lost to my daughter.


  1. But, but… Mother’s CAN’T get sick, it’s in the rule book… /snark off

    Hope she gets better soon, we only made it to midnight EST… LOL


  2. JohnD

     /  January 3, 2017

    The pigheadedness is a defining feature of Irish women. Without it, she wouldn’t have stayed married to me for 30 years.


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