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Christmas Suggestions

Well, we’re getting into the home stretch of the marathon that is Christmas preparations, and the deadline for having something shipped to you without having to resort to hypersonic transportation is fast approaching.

I thought I’d point out a few authors who have put out excellent works this year, and whose books will make great presents.

  1. Jim Curtis – If you’ve never played “6 Degrees of Jim Curtis”, you’re missing out.  He’s been there, done that, and has the witnesses to prove it.  His “Grey Man” series follows a West Texas law man and his family as they work through life, war, and love.
  2. L. B. Johnson – Mrs. Johnson is one of the best literary writers I know of.  She paints with words, and you quickly find yourself immersed in the emotions and settings of her work.  She has the distinction of being the only author to make Girlie Bear and me both laugh and cry.  The Book of Barkley and Saving Grace are autobiographical works that have a prominent place on my bookshelf, and I’m enjoying her latest work, Small Town Roads, as well.
  3. Kelly Grayson – If you’re looking for the quintessential Southern story teller, Kelly Grayson is it.  He has re-released his book, “En Route“, and it will make for a great book to read in front of the fire.
  4. Cedar Sanderson – Cedar is a master at creating worlds and exploring the fun to be had in them.  Her Pixie for Hire series grabs you and keeps you moving until the last page.  If you’re looking for a quick read, her Warp Resonance short story collection will certainly fit the bill.
  5. Peter Grant – Grant is a man who has literally seen the elephant, and come home to tell the tale.  His Maxwell Saga will remind you of the golden age of pulp fiction.  His Laredo War series expands on the Maxwell universe as his characters try to throw off the yoke of oppression.  Going in a completely different direction, Brings the Lightning is set in the American west after the Civil War, and I’d compare it favorably to Zane Grey.  Finally, his memoir of being a prison chaplain, Wells, Wire, Bars, and Souls, gives us a peek into what life working in a prison is like.  Any of these will fill hours of reading.


Finally, even though it’s on pre-order, I’d like to suggest the short story anthology, Freedom’s Light. I’ve been honored to have one of my short stories included with works from Nick Cole, Brad Torgerson, and many other talented writers in this book.  Proceeds from the book will be donated to FIRE, a civil rights organization active on university campuses nationwide.  It promises to be a great read.


  1. Thank you sir, and seems you left yourself off that list! Your books are great too!


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