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  • Second grade girls can go from sweetness and light to raving tribalists in the time it takes for a teacher to announce that a girl will be going head-to-head with a boy in some contest or another.
    • Ever watch a Raider’s game at home where they pan the camera across the fans to show the people who show up looking as if they wanted to sack San Jose?  Those guys have nothing on the young ladies in Boo’s class.
  • Boo’s Christmas Pageant went well.  I have, however, had to veto plans for him to take up hand bells as an instrument after he and Irish Woman watched older students perform.
  • An airline decided to invite the wrath of the Irish Woman last night when they decided to leave Dulles Airport without enough fuel to get to Cincinnati in the weather.
    • According to Irish Woman, the flight attendant was handing out pretzels like it was the Last Supper as they made their way back to Virginia.
    • While they waited to be refueled, Irish Woman was trying to find a service that would deliver pizza and beer to the airport ramp.
    • She’s fine, by the way.  The airline got them to Cincinnati and she got a hotel room to catch a few hours of rest before driving home.
  • You have to love Kentucky weather.
    • Two days ago, it was cold enough that I gathered up the outside cats and deposited them in a large kennel in the basement so that the poor little murder mittens wouldn’t freeze.
    • Yesterday, it was almost 40 degrees warmer, and I was <this> close to not taking a jacket to work.
    • Last night, we had some serious thunderstorms.  It sounded like somebody was dropping a load of bombs on Louisville from our house.
    • This morning, I wore my heavy coat and had to contend with several patches of black ice on the way to work.
    • Whoever said that weather changes don’t impact arthritis pain can kiss my fuzzy butt.


  1. Weather changes, changes in atmospheric pressure (so flying, for sure), all of that… I’ve been trying to pack up the last bits of the apartment over the past couple of days. Not fun.


  2. Throw in a bad back and I’ll agree. We went from 72 to 14… sigh


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