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  • Fatherly love – the act of purchasing an audiobook because the book your son left at school and needs for his homework is not available as an ebook and he has to do his homework.
    • Add to this spending time scanning around said audiobook to help him find where he left off reading the dead tree version, then listening to the same chapter 17 times so that he could answer questions about it.
  • I’m not going to say that I’ve had a rather frustrating day.  I’ll just say that I dare not start drinking tonight, because I might not quit for several days.
  • You’d think that working for a large shipping company would be a good way to teach yourself to enjoy the holidays, but then you’d be wrong.
  • Boo made his First Reconciliation last night.  Should I be worried that it seemed he was in there talking with the priest a bit longer than the other kids?
  • I’d like to thank my health insurance provider for putting a hold on Irish Woman’s coverage in January and not calling me to let me know.  There’s nothing like having your doctor’s office tell you you’re about to go to collections to get you to call the insurance company.
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