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Repost: Memories

This originally appeared on November 11, 2011.


  • The bite of gravel into my palms as I did my best to push Missouri back into the ground, along with 200 of my closest friends
  • The feeling of accomplishment the first time I qualified expert on the M-16
  • The rush I got the first time I did an Australian rappel
  • Sunset at the Asilomar
  • Coming out of the building in Augsburg and realizing I hadn’t seen the sun in 6 weeks
  • The sound of a little girl crying because I had told her her mother hadn’t survived
  • Sunrise over the Chiracahuas
  • 6 inches of snow in an hour over a convoy of diplomatic cargo in Russia
  • Laying in a snowbank on top of Mount Vis
  • The color and smell of the earth in that field near Mostar
  • Watching young soldiers learn what my team was teaching them
  • Night driving my track
  • The taste of red dirt on four continents.  Seriously, did the Corps of Engineers do a study to find all of the places on earth where there is red clay just so they could send me to visit all of them?
  • The weight of the hanger on the day I hung up my uniform for the last time


  1. Yep… It’s those little memories that stick in the head. Thanks for serving!


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