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Free Book!

The first of the next three Minivandian’s stories, Quest to the North, will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world published in the next couple of weeks.  Since they will be sequels to the first book, and a couple dozen many of you have read the story of how the Lady of Eyre and the Minivandian met during a dire battle against the undead hordes and wondered if these were semi-autobiographical the ramblings of a deranged mind wanted to know what happens next, I thought I’d give the rest of you an opportunity to set the hook in your lip see if you like the little universe I’ve created.

From now through Sunday, Tales of the Minivandians will be free on Amazon.  I hope you all have a chance to download it and give it a read before Quest to the North premieres.  If you like it, please I’m begging here leave a review on Amazon and tell your friends about it.  It would be great if a bunch of potential customers new readers have a chance to have a laugh at the day-to-day chaos many adventures our the Minivandian’s family goes through!

So, enjoy the free book, tell your friends, and leave a review!  I hope you like it enough to contribute to my escape and evasion fund purchase Quest to the North when it’s published!


  1. It’s a funny well written book! Go get it!!!

  2. Ghost Rider 6

     /  November 3, 2016

    OK, Old NFO’s recommendation sold me, and I just ordered it. Of course, the current price didn’t make that a very difficult decision.

    But, curse you, now I’ll feel obligated to post a review. 🙂

  3. Warren

     /  November 3, 2016

    Saw “Tales of the Minivandians” recommended on both Bayou Renaissance Man and Nobody Asked Me… blogs, so got the free copy from Amazon. I reviewed it (three star because of an irritating occurrence of the word “which”) then came here and found that the version of the first story on your website is eminently readable and does not contain the weird “which”. Don’t know why the Kindle version is screwed up, but it sure seems to be.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Another reader remarked that I was using “that” too often, so I changed a lot of them to which. Perhaps I went overboard.

      Now that I see what you’re pointing out, I’ll thin the use of whiches in the new works. Thanks!

    • Warren, the perils of “replace all” strike again. I’ve corrected the issue. Thanks for pointing my boneheadedness out!

  4. John in Philly

     /  November 6, 2016

    And a mention on 06NOV’s Mad Genius Club.

    • John in Philly

       /  November 6, 2016

      I need to spent that extra second and proof read my comment.

      • John in Philly

         /  November 6, 2016

        OK, it seems the software makes my careful selection of the zero, look like a lowercase o. Don’t know why. I make enough egregious mistakes on my own without the software helping me!

        And I forgot to mention that the only authors mentioned on Mad Genius Club today were you and Mike Williamson. Rare company indeed.

      • Yeah, I noticed that. Mike’s better on his worst day than I am on my best, and to be recommended in the same breath as him was surprising.

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