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Opinions, Please

Like I said the other day, the first chunk from the second Minivandians book is out to the alpha readers.  I had a bit of time this evening, so I started work on its cover.

What do you all think?


Or maybe this:


They probably need a little tweaking, but I kind of like both of them.  They fit the story in the first novella.

As always, feedback is appreciated.


  1. Joshua Tolley

     /  October 28, 2016

    I much prefer the first. The letter spacing on the second seems far too wide, and I’m not fond of the dotted “i” in that text style.


    • Thanks. That was my first preference, but others are pointing out that this find is rather hard to read in the 1 to 2 inch picture Amazon will show customers on their website. I may try to find something similar that is a bit more readable.


  2. John in Philly

     /  October 29, 2016

    I found both styles hard to read. Maybe a change from all caps to upper and lowercase would help.
    If you change to upper/lower case then maybe use a more interesting font for the uppercase, in the the style of an illuminated manuscript, and then use a font for the lowercase that is both easier to read, and grabs more attention.
    Also the grey tones of the photo made it a little bit hard to recognize that it was snow instead of rock formations.

    Cedar Sanderson has written about cover design on a couple of occasions.


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